How do you know if soul music is for you right now?

How do you know if soul music is for you right now?

et's talk about ray charles the father of soul music

If you are one of the people who like any type of soul music and you are between 18 or 32 years old, it is possible that you have listened to some kind of soul music, especially when we talk about gospel music, rhythm and blues and jazz. .

If you are looking for a genre of music that produces strong emotions in you and typically has deep, meaningful lyrics that tells you that soul music can be for you no matter how old you are.

What would be the best soul music songs of all time? This is where your personal taste comes in, but it also depends on when you were born in the 60s, 70s, or late 80s. This is where the song “My Girl” from The Temptations Group and the song “If You Don’t Know Me By Now “performed by Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes are my favorites.


It is possible that you have listened with interest to the songs of Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, James Brown and why not talk about the father of music soul Ray Charles Robinson, each One of these songs reached the deepest part of your heart that tells you that soul music is for you, no matter how old you are at the moment.

The Very Best Of Soul – Greatest Soul Songs Of All Time 

.We could speak of a pioneer of soul music in the United States during the decade of the 60s, 70s and 80s especially when we talk about the musical culture of African Americans, but for the new generations Soul music is seen as merely a new term for rhythm and blues.

No one doubts that soul music represents apart from black culture in America and all over the world, regardless of the language, nationality or color of the people, who enjoyed soul music for decades, we also have to accept that the music known as soul music represents the soul of the pride of African Americans in the United States.

Many would say that with the death of major soul musicians such as Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Curtis Mayfield, The Supremes, The Temptations, many consider that soul music is dead, but when you listening to the songs of Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Al Green, Whitney Houston among many others tells you that soul music still lives in the soul of the hearts of many Americans.

Why should you prefer soul music songs to feel good about yourself?

A singer of soul music singing to the public with his guitar

When you want to express how you feel at some point in your life, soul music is ideal genre more which will create the mood that will crush what you feel with what you hear through a melody that reaches the deepest of your soul. When you look for answers to those questions that the verses, lyric or melody of a soul song tells you when you are listening to it. Believe me! Soul music is ideal for you, that’s why I created a playlists where each Claude Ocean song will inspire that mood you’re looking for right now. .

You can find all Claude Ocean music on Spotify, especially when we talk about your favorite playlist (Claude Ocean songs), but also each of those songs that can be the most popular right now. In Spotify you can listen to every romantic song of pop, hip hop or RnB music by Claude Ocean, especially the most recent album “If you change your mind” which you can listen on this digital platform where you can streaming all the tracks of this album. .

Let’s talk about the Claude Ocean songs that will touch your soul

Right now, when we talk about listening to your favorite music, especially when you want to listen to the last track composed and performed by Claude Ocean, there is no doubt that Spotify is the ideal place for you. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I’m so proud of this new singer and songwriter Claude Ocean who surprises her audience with new songs every year, especially her new album “If you change your mind,” which is a Successful right now.

Why do many music fans prefer to listen to their favorite artist on Spotify right now? Maybe it should be because of the popularity of the diverse services that streaming music on the web and more when you use each of those apps which are so popular in all the world’s fans all over the world.

image of claude ocean an unknown singer, singing for his audience

Claude Ocean recognizing this reality is the reason why you can listen to all your songs on this digital platform which is used by millions of users who have this digital distribution and music streaming platform which is one of the main ones when we talk about the music business .

Nobody doubts that right now if you want to be heard by millions of fans of romantic music, pop music, Hip hop / rap or RnB Spotify music is the place for you to listen to all those songs regardless of the genre, in which all the artists male or female want to be in this moment. Claude Ocean, like all independent artists who do not depend on the great music label, when talking about a music streaming platform like spotify, is the place to show your music to the public right now if you want to be discovered.

If you are a fan of social networks and all the digital platforms on the internet, the use of the different applications that streaming music (apps) which you get in the Google app store is something that artists use as a way to show their art to Every fan in the world who likes to listen to music using a smart phone, tablet or laptop is what is trending on social networks, digital channels, YouTube, and all digital platforms that stream music.

No one can doubt that Claude Ocean has the creative vision to make a song that will reach the hearts of those who like a good lyric or melody. No matter the mood, whether chill, happy, peaceful, sad, serious, tense or Uplifting, you can find those emotions in each of his verses, but also in the type of music used by her when producing a song. I know that you like Alternative, Blues, Indie, Hip Hop, R&B, or Soul music. There is no doubt that Claude Ocean has the vision, talent and creativity to create that song that you will be part of all lovers of good music. .

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