Why musicians are having a hard time because streaming music competition

Why musicians are having a hard time because streaming music competition

If you are a musician who is trying to make money or get recognition from fans, radio stations or companies that sell streaming music, it is a difficult job, if you do not have the quality, budgets, manager, publicity and music producer that connect with those who could consume the type of music you are promoting.

You may like all the most popular music genres and more when we talk when we talk about streaming music in which the Blues, Country, Electronics, Folk. Funk, Gospel, Hip Hop, Indie Jazz, Pop, Punk, Rap. Reggae, Rhythm and Blues.

Rock, or Soul are the genres that are in trend in English speaking throughout the world, especially the United States of America. This romantic song is really if you want a song that reaches your heart in those moments of solitude or when you are accompanying that person who is important in your life.

It is also possible that you are a lover of each of those companies on the internet that offer to listen, download or sell that song that you like so much like Apple iTunes Store, Amazon MP3, BeatPort, eMusic.com, Boomkat.com, Napster to mention Some of the most popular right now.

Right now, which company offers the best benefits when we talk about selling and distributing your music to independent artists on the web are the most popular? From my point of view or preference we should talk about: LANDR, CD Baby, TuneCore, Ditto Music, Loudr, Record Union, MondoTunes, Reverbnation. Each of this music distribution company has different packages, prices, facilities for musicians, based on your budgets and the type of service you are looking for as an artist.

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