Emotional hip hop song: What do you know about your fears?

Emotional hip hop song: What do you know about your fears?

We all have some kind of fear-Emotional hip hop song . It is a feeling that is part of human condition, in which fears and fears are part of your life protecting from real dangers, but also imaginary dangers. But you can let your fear control your life and the best way is to know your fears.

Each of your fears are important in your life which create fearful images of events of the past that terrified us, but also of events in the present that produce a constant feeling of fear, and why not the fears of the future who control what we can or we can’t do

When you accept that your fears are part of your life, but also of all people, you discover that your fears as uncomfortable or limiting as each of them are, fears are necessary, to protect us from the dangerous environment around us. The most you can do is learn to understand it, accept them as a way to control your fears in situations that limit the type of life you want.

The moment you accept that your fears are natural, typical of all living organisms, genetically inherited, a mechanism that defends that every animal has a danger then you understand that your fears as great or insignificant as they seem are our best friends because Act independently of yourself in moments of real or imaginary danger.

Each person has their own fears product of experience, apart from those who act by instincts product of a past that was part of our ancestors of the past. Many of your fears are learned, others simply imitated by you, and a large majority imagined or created by yourself, perhaps the product of a fearful mind.

One of the great characteristics of the fears that control your life, is many of them can be removed or ignored if you wish. But something that you must understand that fears are necessary if we want to live a life where constant danger is something that surrounds you wherever you are, and instinctive fears is that defense mechanism that protects us from the damage it produces when our attention Do not realize its existence.

If you want to know your fears and the reason behind it exist in you? Look into your mind and take a trip to your past and you can find the origin of your fears. In some cases you will need the help of other friends, family or a behavior professional depending on how debilitating the fears that control your life are.

As humans you must also understand that the events behind your fears is something that your mind has learned to erase from your memory as a way to protect yourself from panic, anguish or terror behind your fear. There are many traumatic events in the past that we draw from our mind, but their negative effects are still part of the emotional responses we all have.

In some cases it is better not to know the origin of your fears, but recognizing it as part of your past to understand how they control your present is important to overcome them. Knowing the origin of your fears can produce a feeling of conformity, but also the tailoring when you understand that fears have always been our allies, not our enemies.

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