The art of making beats with Music Production Softwares, without knowing music

The art of making beats with Music Production Softwares, without knowing music

Right now when you talk about music production  in which anyone can produce a beats just by buying a program to make music like Ableton Live 10 Suite, Image Line FL Studio 12 Producer Edition, Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 Recording, PreSonus Studio One 3 Artist Recording and Production to mention The most popular.

Of course that does not mean that you need to know the fundamentals of music, to be a good producer, but in some cases the quality and popularity of a program to produce music is not enough.

You may like all the most popular music genres and more when we talk about streaming music in which the Blues, Country, Electronics, Folk. Funk, Gospel, Hip Hop, Indie Jazz, Pop, Punk, Rap. Reggae, Rhythm and Blues. Rock, or Soul.

If you are a producer, music writer or simply an artist who is trying to make your name known in the market, there is no doubt that many of the possibilities that the music market offers you right now.

This romantic song is really if you want a song that reaches your heart in those moments of solitude or when you are accompanying that person who is important in your life.

It is also possible that you are a lover of each of those companies on the internet that offer to listen, download or sell that song that you like so much like Apple iTunes Store, Amazon MP3, BeatPort,,, Napster to mention Some of the most popular right now.

No one can doubt that there are many programs to produce music, even if you have a limited knowledge of theory or basic knowledge of music, composition and writing songs.

It is only enough to have a computer, a budget to buy the program to produce music that does not break the bank, but also the passivity to handle these programs.

Why not, also know the technical aspects of the different plugins that are used in the creation of those tracks that people listen to on internet stations and above all have the talent of how to create a track or beats that sound harmonious to the ears of those who listen to your creation on a smartphone or car radio.

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