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What is happening with alternative music right now?

If you are tired of listening to the same genres of music (Punk rock, Reggaetón, Hip hop, rap, electronic music, techno music, house music, pop music, Alternative rock, Folk music, afro beats, ), but also the same artists as always, then Alternative Music is for you. It is time that you as a music fan…
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What trending hit songs should you include in a spotify playlist right now?

Something that should never be missing from your Spotify playlists or music library are the trending hit songs that are at the top of popularity right now. Do not make a mistake right now, each of the tracks that music fans are listening to is included in some playlists. Right now I could give you…
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When you choose a song, is the artist what matters to you or the music genre?

As a fan of a particular artist, many times I ask, if people listen to a song because their favorite artist is playing it or because they are singing a genre of music they like? It is a question that can not have an easy answer, but knowing the human behavior and the influence that…
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