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Why is it so difficult to be successful in the music business if you are an upcoming singer?

Right now when talking about the music business, thousands of music creators, composers and song writers are doing a difficult job when we all see where the music industry is heading in which the companies that promote, sell and stream music are limiting the growth of these Artists in the world of music.¬†Right now the…
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How difficult is it for a female singer to succeed in the music business right now?

n a world of music which is mostly controlled by men, that a female singer succeeds in the music business is extremely difficult and more when the industry is not promoting female artists in the same way that it is promoting artists masculine, it doesn’t matter the genre of music style that this trend at…
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How is the coronavirus pandemics affecting the music business right now?

Right now, as a result of the global pandemic produced by the Covid-19, the economies of all nations, especially music business are practically at a standstill and the music business is not the exception. If you are an artist, music producer, composer, musician, manager and promoter of concerts, you are suffering a huge loss in…
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