Nadia Kassidy : The upcoming artist you should Watch

Nadia Kassidy

As an upcoming female singer promoting my work as a singer and songwriter, it is one of my great dreams as an artist trying to break into the world of music. Thank you very much for listening to my latest songs.

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As a music producer, songwriter and rapper, a way to support my artistic career, each of my songs, you have the opportunity to listen to it and download it on this digital music platform. Choosing which online music store, or music streaming service is difficult but not impossible.

Apple Music

Right now the use of digital platforms for music distribution is the standard demanded by the music business. If you are a music producer, singer, songwriter, the popularity of Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music is important if you want to reach millions of fans.

Amazon Music

The distribution, sale and download of digital music is at your fingertips without making much effort. That way you can reach millions of fans by selling your music on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Tidal, and Deezer, but also keep all your rights and income.

Nadia Kassidy Latest Songs

What You See is What You’re Gonna Get – It is one of the most recent song performed and written by upcoming singer Nadia Kassidy. 

Bad Girl – It is one of the most recent song performed and written by upcoming singer Nadia Kassidy. 

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female singer featuring as an upcoming new artists on egonard page
Female Singer Live Performance Featuring As An Upcoming New Artists On Nadia Kassidy Page

One of the great challenges for any artist entering the music business as a singer, performer, music producer, songwriter, musician, and rapper is the high cost of promoting the product they are trying to sell. Music distribution platforms such as LANDR, CD Baby, TuneCore, Ditto Music among others are just a place where your songs or albums are deposited for millions of fans to buy, listen to or download.

the live performance of female singer playing guitar featuring like a new artist on nadia Kassidy page

For any upcoming artist right now the use of digital music platforms is a must if that music band, singer, music producer, musician or rapper wants to reach millions of fans who like any genre of music, especially hip hop artists. , Rnb and rap. If a new artist wants to be heard, the digital platform is the trend right now.

Maybe that’s why I’m presenting my favorite Nadia Kassidy playlist on one of the most popular digital music platforms like Spotify is doing right now, so the thousands of Nadia Kassidy’s fans have the opportunity to listen to her latest songs using a smartphone or tablet.

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