Merengue Techno or Dumper: A new and different sound that is breaking Now

Merengue Techno or Dumper: A new and different sound that is breaking Now

Merengue Techno or Pounder

Merengue techno or Pounder; Right now if you are a new music product or rhythm creator Understanding the trend of music is extremely important when you want to be in the attention of music fans, especially when we talk about Caribbean rhythms, perhaps because of that, the mixture of different rhythms . brings as a consequence the birth of this new type of urban music known as Merengue techno or Dumper.

Merengue Techno or Merengue Paunder is a mixture of the rhythm of the Dominican merengue with techno or electronic digital music, especially when talking about hip hop, rap, trap, reggaeton and why not talk about Dominican dembow.

But there is a reality that all tropical music producers, whether Caribbean or Latin, fans expect new colors in the production of rhythms that are being influenced by techno or electronic music. This is where this new style of Merengue Techno popularly known as Merengue Domper.

The merengue domper is designed for those Latin rappers and singers who want to venture into new rhythms that fill the expectations of their followers who want urban, street, and neighborhood artists to tell their story.

Neighborhood history, of struggle, of drug use, criminality, lack of hope, but also of love. In short, the merengue pounder rhythm can be used by Urban artists to tell their experience of what is really happening in the poor neighborhoods of many Latin American nations, especially when we talk about the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama, Colombia, and all the islands of the Caribbean, either singing or rapping.

No one right now can deny the enormous influence that hip hop / rap, trap music, and a new style of trap making, popularly known as Drill, has.

In short, music producers or those who make tracks using a computer and those programs to make digital music such as GarageBand, FL Studio, REAPER, Logic Pro, and Ableton Live must understand that we must all promote or produce that genre of music that really represents Latin or Caribbean music. This is where the idea of ​​creating a new style of music known as merengue Dumper was born.

Why do we use the name merengue techno o dumper?

Because its rhythm base is used the rhythmic base of the merengue (Guira, Tambora and accordion) (traditional Dominican, but in a much slower time than we are used to hearing. Dumper is a type of electronic merengue where all the sounds are created by programs which use a computer as a musical production mechanism.

This is a list of electronic music genres, consisting of electronic music genres, created primarily with electronic musical instruments or electronic music technology. This is where the urban meringue style known as pounder comes into play.

There are many examples of electromechanical devices that produce sound include the electric piano and electric guitar, but also electric drums, we must even talk about the different sounds of piano notes.

Purely electronic sound production can be achieved using devices such as the various music making programs, the sound synthesizer, and the computer. However, the genre does not always depend on the instrumentation, it depends mainly on the talent of those who are manipulating the sounds produced electronically.

Usually when a new style of music is born, which can be considered as a sub-genre of music of another, such as Dumper, which is a sub-genre of the Dominican merengue, many times the new music producers do not dare to accept that new sub-genre as something that could fill the expectations of the public.

But there comes a time when music lovers long before producers, promoters, internet radio, music writers, beat producers and many artists are the first to embrace this new style of music. Something we must accept is the fans are what set the trend in the world of music, not the other way around.

Right now there are millions of alternative music listeners in the most important digital platforms, who are listening to new styles of music and sound which is different from what radio programmers or DJs of music in discotheques present every day in their programming.

A different style of music is something that the public increasingly demands, although we must accept that all producers and promoters always play it safe. Maybe that’s why when talking about Merengue Pounder it has a long way to go, but in the end only the public will determine the success of this new subgenre of electronic or techno merengue known as Dumper.

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