Let’s talk about the success of Karol G ft. Nicki Minaj in the song “Tusa”

Let’s talk about the success of Karol G ft. Nicki Minaj in the song “Tusa”

success of Karol G ft. Nicki Minaj

When we talk about the union between an artist like Nicki Minaj rapper of American hip hop / rap born in Trinidad and Tobago and Karol G, a beautiful Colombian woman who is a reggeaton singer in the song of Tursa which has about 160 million visits on YouTube.

It is an artistic event, that if you are Karol G fans you should be proud of this talented Colombian artist for her success with Nicki Minaj in the song Tusa which is being a success right now debuting as No. 1 on Hot Latin Songs starting from huge amount of streaming (Spotify) and song sales numbers.

The success that this combination of a lyric interpreted in Spanish and English using the tropical reggeaton rhythm, is a new world trend that is being accepted by both Americans and Latin fans of both Karol G and Nicki Minaj and the success of this Song is a sample of this song.

Nobody can doubt the enormous power that the Latin market has if you are Nicki Minaj and the opportunity to reach your fans in Latin American, reasons for which to make a collaboration with Karol G is something that allows the American rapper to expand her base of fans and the song “Tusa” offers this opportunity.

When you talk about Karol G this type of collaboration also increases your chances of entering the American market as a way to promote your artist figure to the most important market in the world when we talk about the world of music and more when we analyze the streaming market.

How well is Karol G known in the music market in the United States?

Karol G known in the music market in the United States

Karol G, is an extremely beautiful Colombian singer and composer of reggaeton, but also talented who has had a lot of success singing reggeaton and trap music. “Tusa” is one of the most important collaborations with a famous rapper like Nicki Minaj, which places Karol G in the type of music at the moment in the taste of the Hispanic public.

Other major hits “Ahora Me Llama”, “Mi Cama” y “Culpables” (“Now Call Me”, “My Bed” and “Guilty”) which have reached the top ten on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs list, but we must also say that she has won a Latin Grammy award.

At this moment the crossover of Spanish artists to the English-speaking world, such as African-American artists, especially African-American rappers to Latin music is a trend that nobody can deny and more when we remember the coloration of Janet Jackson ft Daddy Yankee in the song ” Made For Now “where Janet singing reggeaton.

Another coloration that we all still enjoy between Cardi B, Bad Bunny and J Balvin the song I Like It which has more than a billion views on youtube, putting Latin artists in the attention of American fans through the popularity of the Dominican Born in Manhattan, New York City in USA Cardi B. The collaborations between Hispanic and African American rappers is a trend at the moment, which benefit both groups equally.

When talking about a reggaeton artist like Karol G and her new song Tusa ft. Nicki Mina is a type of song that I am sure will put this beautiful Colombian artists, songwriter and interpret at the top of popularity when we talk about Latino fans, but it also creates a huge opportunity as artists to enter the market of the American public who have greater ability to stream and buy music. On that side Karol G has to feel extremely proud of her work as a Latin artist, but also in quality in the production of the video.

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