Why is Nicki Minaj the most influential and popular rapper in hip-hop / rap right now?

Why is Nicki Minaj the most influential and popular rapper in hip-hop / rap right now?

nicki minaj black woman

No one can doubt that Nicki Minaj, a beautiful and talented black woman born in Trinidad and Tobago, is a female rapper who is influencing the world of Hip-hop / rap culture, and all the successes in each of the songs at the top of billboard chart. These successes as a rapper tell millions of fans who follow Nicki Minaj, if she is not the most influential, she could be among the most influential and popular female rappers right now.

The track “bang bang” in 2014 was the first hit, which put its name in the world of rap, Anaconda in 2014 one of the most watched videos with 903 million views, also super bass in 2010, starships was another Popular song, the song “Only” which came out 2014, Dip in 2018 was another hits.

For some Nicki Minaj fans the songs moment 4 life in 2010 and Megatron in 2019; They are some of her most popular songs during this female rapper’s career. Nicki Minaj is considered by some the most popular female rapper who is at the top of popularity every year. Nicki Minaj as a female artist has on her Instagram account which is followed by 105 million followers or fans of her music, and about 20 million followers watch her videos on her artistic account on YouTube.

Some of the last songs of Nicki Minaj the black-skinned woman born in Trinidad, we have to talk about “Hot Girl summer” and Don’t forget about me! “But we should also mention her most popular single songs from her new single” Megatron “main track of the Album. Song which has about 85 million views on YouTube so far. This song can also be heard via streaming on spotify, Deezer, Play Music, iHeartRadio of its latest Megatron album which was released on 2019.

Right now everyone in the world of hip-hop / rap knows about the rivalry that exists between Cardi B and nicki minaj, but from my point of view it is not that a way of advertising or being in the spotlight.

Can Nicki minaj be considered the best rapper in urban music, hip hop / rap in the United States?

nicki minaj be considered the best rapper in urban music, hip hop / rap in US

No one can deny that Nicki Minaj is a beautiful and talented woman, which is why the enormous popularity of this female rapper of Trinidad and Tobago origin, who, when we talk about rap culture among the African-American community, both sides have the respect and admiration of the public.

When we talk about Cardi B and nicki minaj both female rappers who have conquered the American audience with their particular style of music, both are singers, write songs, actresses and producers of their own music. Some say there is a kind of hate between the fans of Cardi B towards the fans of Nicki Minaj and the other side as well, and all for the support that each fan has for his female rapper’s preference.

When talking about this rivalry between two extremely talented and famous women such as Nicki Minaj and Cardi B and more when we talk about the career in the music world of Nicki Minaj who is 38 years old and has been in the world of music More than 10 years receiving the support of all the fans who follow her career, for the type of music, lyric and rapping of this beautiful trinity rapper.

When you analyze the music market in the United States and those female artists, no one doubts that Nicki Minaj is one of the most popular rappers, who for a long time has been in the top of the billboard in the hip hop / rap genre. . Many of her videos of her music on YouTube have millions of views.

But she is also an important female rapper based on the millions of followers who follow her career, and why not talk about the millions of fans who listen to her music through the digital music streaming business now. Nicki Minaj a black female rapper of Caribbean descent.

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