Why is Jennifer Lopez the most famous Latin artist of all time?

Why is Jennifer Lopez the most famous Latin artist of all time?


It’s a question that people often ask when we talk about a Latin artist as talented, beautiful and hard working as Jennifer Lopez is. Right now there are many Latin artists that are being recognized in the American music market such as: Gloria Estefan, Christina Aguilera, Shakira, Camila Cabello, Christina Milian. If we analyze all the artists that are in this list, when you talk about the most famous Latin artist of all time, the Bronx diva (very successful and famous female singer or actor) has a lot of competition.

First we must make a difference between many Latin artists worldwide who currently occupy the number one position in popularity of popular music, but nobody can deny that in the case of black woman Cuban Celia Cruz,  the queen of tropical music known throughout the Hispanic world for several decades with a tropical Caribbean rhythm as salsa que popularized the word (sugar)., whose influence is felt For different generations.

The most recent music video of Jennifer Lopez – In The Morning (Official Video)

Second we have to understand that one thing is artistic talent and other things high levels of popularity product of hard work in the world of entertainment. In this case we must admit that Jennifer Lopez is the most popular Latin artist of all time. When we talk about the most influential female artist of all times of pop music we have to talk about Gloria Estefan.

This Puerto Rican woman born in New York has shown her talents in all areas, especially when we talk about acting, dancing, production and singing. Something that tremendously helps Jennifer Lopez is the ability to sing in Spanish and English which produces an advantage that other Latin artists do not have. When talking about a male or female artist that ability to like both the Anglo population, but also Hispanics is something that she has managed to exploit as a successful business woman.

How successful has Jennifer Lopez’s musical career been in the American music market?

the talented artists of Puerto Rican origin Jennifer Lopez with Alex Rodriguez in a gala presentation

No one can doubt that Jennifer Lopez is a successful woman, who at the moment is a more popular Latin artist, especially when we talk about all the tours in all the most important cities of the United States, from New York, Las Vegas, Houston in Texas , Inglewood California, Miami Gardens in FL home of the next super bowl in February with another Latin artist such as the beautiful and talented Colombian artist Shakira.

No one can doubt that J. Lo is a successful woman. It seems that everything touches you turn it into gold. Jennifer Lopez’s new album ‘On the 6’ currently occupies position 20. The record was triple platinum and sold more than 8 million copies worldwide. It was the album that put Jennifer Lopez on top of world-wide fame and when you add the Hot Latin Songs chart with “No Me Ames” (with Marc Anthony her ex-husband) and went top 10 on the Hot 100 with ” Waiting for Tonight. ” But there is no doubt that the interpretation of Mexican American artists Selena in the movie was the box office success that opened the J.Lo door to all the success she has right now.

Going back to the main topic, when talking about Jennifer Lopez’s career the release at the final of last year of a new single “Baila Conmigo” (English translation: “Dance With Me”) could be the first single in Spanish by the Puerto Rican multi-faceted artist since last year, in which she is performing the song ” You Like “together with another Puerto Rican artist who is known for the music of trap and reggaaton Bad Bunny.

There is no doubt that this song could become number one when we talk about the Latin market. Jennifer Lopez is so talented that she could win an Oscar for work in movie Hustlers, which has had excellent reviews from those who know about the cinematographic world. Product of fame, success in business, excellent performers, plus the time she has been producing a quality product, that’s why I consider Jennifer Lopez the most famous artists of all time.

Why do I like the songs and video Pa ‘Ti + Lonely by Jennifer Lopez & Maluma so much?

When you talk about one of the most influential Latin artists of Puerto Rican origin in the American music industry like Jennifer Lopez, but also the singer, music writer and actor as is the case with the Colombian artist Maluma, success is assured, no It matters what genre of music we are talking about, it does not matter if it is pop music, Romantic ballad, trap or reggeaton.

As a Latino living in the States, this combination between Jennifer Lopez and Maluna is something that we all appreciate, for the quality and versatility of these two Latin artists who are at the top of music. Maybe that’s why I like the songs and video Pa ‘Ti + Lonely by Jennifer Lopez & Maluma so much and even more when we hear the Puerto Rican singer interpreting this song in Spanish and Maluma singing a little in English.

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