How is the coronavirus pandemics affecting the music business right now?

How is the coronavirus pandemics affecting the music business right now?

Right now, as a result of the global pandemic produced by the Covid-19, the economies of all nations, especially music business are practically at a standstill and the music business is not the exception. If you are an artist, music producer, composer, musician, manager and promoter of concerts, you are suffering a huge loss in activities where public participation is necessary.

As a result of social distancing strategies, we all know the negative effects that this distancing has on the world of music and more if you are an artist or music band that depends on ticket sales at concerts to make money. Everyone who knows the music business knows that digital platforms that stream music monopolized the distribution of music, reasons why not all artists have access to the great profits of the music streaming business.

But apart from the little access to profits from streaming products on digital platforms like Spotify, many artists also do not have access to profits in music production, composition, music distribution, gains in song sales, but above all access to money. that produces music (royalty music). Having access to that money is something that is only possible if the artist has all the copyrights of a song, something that very few artists have as a result of the contracts they sign with the big international record labels.

The reality facing the artistic world in all areas is real at the time of Covid-19 is extremely difficult, if you as artists do not prepare economically for this new economic reality that is affecting the world of music. It does not matter what kind of music we are talking about whether you are (popular music singer, classical, reggeaton, rapper, romantic music or musical group or rock band musician) making money is difficult in these conditions where social distance is necessary.

At this moment, as a result of the monopoly of the music streaming platform, the sale of songs in digital stores is on the ground and if you add it to that, the artists are not making money due to the lack of concerts in large sports arenas and theaters. , popular squares, radio and television presentations I included the artists on the streets that tells you that the artists are having a hard time right now.

If you are a music interpreter or vocalist of an artistic group, a well-known singer with many followers, you usually use international concerts (music tours) as a mechanism to make money from your talent, but with the prohibition of international flights that too It limits your possibilities as an artist to earn money, but also to offer new musical productions to the thousands of fans who follow your musical career.

What can you do to restart your career and create strategies so that the social distancing product of coronavirus does not affect your artistic career in the short and medium term? This is where innovation as artists is necessary and more if you are an independent artist who owns your own music where you can make money using music streaming platforms such as spotify, Apple music stores and Amanzon stores.

Creating new advertising strategies is necessary, but also looking for ways to reach new music productions to the thousands of fans who follow your artist career using social networks, especially when we talk about instagram. Doing a live concert for the followers on this social media is a good idea, but also doing concerts on YouTube live as a way to keep the fans aware of what you are doing as artists.

Everything is a matter of promoting your music, keeping in touch with your fans who are interested in knowing what you are doing, but I will also continue promoting your artistic name in front of the reality imposed by the covid-19 that way there are more possibilities for your followers to hear your music on streaming music platforms as a way to make money during the pandemic produced by covid-19.

Unfortunately for artists, rock band, singers, musicians, DJs, music producers, artist promoters, concert producers, dancers and presenters right now as an artist who depends on the music business you can only make money on the platform streaming music or the money produced by when you own the commercial rights of the music you produce (music royalties), but also in the promotion of products on social networks is a reality to which you must adapt while the dangers of the covid-19 this present ..

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