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What are the top hits music playlists on spotify right now?

Right now if you want to listen to your most preferred songs listen to the top hits music playlists any platform that streaming music online is your best apps, for me in particular, spotify is one of my favorite platform that I release online music that I like the most as a fan of good…
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Emotional hip hop song: What do you know about your fears?

We all have some kind of fear-Emotional hip hop song . It is a feeling that is part of human condition, in which fears and fears are part of your life protecting from real dangers, but also imaginary dangers. But you can let your fear control your life and the best way is to know…
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Are you listening to the music you like or the one that is popular in streaming services?

Right now every consumer can use many digital platforms to listen to music, especially when we talk about those that offer music streaming services, which can influence the type of music you listen to. It is possible that sometimes you have noticed that you are listening to a song which was recommended by a particular…
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