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What trending hit songs should you include in a spotify playlist right now?

Something that should never be missing from your Spotify playlists or music library are the trending hit songs that are at the top of popularity right now. Do not make a mistake right now, each of the tracks that music fans are listening to is included in some playlists. Right now I could give you…
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Why are streaming music apps so popular right now?

Right now, no one doubts that Streaming services o streaming music apps is the place to visit when the song you like from your favorite artist is just a few taps from the screen of a smartphone or tablet, downloading the apps associated with streaming music services in the Google play store. Perhaps, apart from…
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Why musicians are having a hard time because streaming music competition

If you are a musician who is trying to make money or get recognition from fans, radio stations or companies that sell streaming music, it is a difficult job, if you do not have the quality, budgets, manager, publicity and music producer that connect with those who could consume the type of music you are…
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How is the coronavirus pandemics affecting the music business right now?

Right now, as a result of the global pandemic produced by the Covid-19, the economies of all nations, especially music business are practically at a standstill and the music business is not the exception. If you are an artist, music producer, composer, musician, manager and promoter of concerts, you are suffering a huge loss in…
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