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What is happening with alternative music right now?

If you are tired of listening to the same genres of music (Punk rock, Reggaetón, Hip hop, rap, electronic music, techno music, house music, pop music, Alternative rock, Folk music, afro beats, ), but also the same artists as always, then Alternative Music is for you. It is time that you as a music fan…
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Merengue techno or Bumper: New style of Afro Caribbean electronic sound

It is possible that this is the first time you have heard a different electronic meringue rhythm known as Merengue techno or Bumper. If for some reason as an artist, singer, songwriter, promoter, music producer, making beats, or simply a fan of any style of music, no one doubts that listening to a new style…
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Merengue Techno or Dumper: A new and different sound that is breaking Now

Merengue techno or Pounder; Right now if you are a new music product or rhythm creator Understanding the trend of music is extremely important when you want to be in the attention of music fans, especially when we talk about Caribbean rhythms, perhaps because of that, the mixture of different rhythms . brings as a…
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Why is Jennifer Lopez the most famous Latin artist of all time?

  It’s a question that people often ask when we talk about a Latin artist as talented, beautiful and hard working as Jennifer Lopez is. Right now there are many Latin artists that are being recognized in the American music market such as: Gloria Estefan, Christina Aguilera, Shakira, Camila Cabello, Christina Milian. If we analyze all…
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Emotional hip hop song: What do you know about your fears?

We all have some kind of fear-Emotional hip hop song . It is a feeling that is part of human condition, in which fears and fears are part of your life protecting from real dangers, but also imaginary dangers. But you can let your fear control your life and the best way is to know…
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When you choose a song, is the artist what matters to you or the music genre?

As a fan of a particular artist, many times I ask, if people listen to a song because their favorite artist is playing it or because they are singing a genre of music they like? It is a question that can not have an easy answer, but knowing the human behavior and the influence that…
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