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Why are Spotify playlists the best place to listen the top hit songs?

Let’s talk about Spotify Playlists and more right now when millions of music listeners discover the music that is trending at the moment using the music apps offered by all platforms that offer free streaming services or paying a monthly fee like Spotify Playlists. But nobody should doubt that they also offer free music to…
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Why musicians are having a hard time because streaming music competition

If you are a musician who is trying to make money or get recognition from fans, radio stations or companies that sell streaming music, it is a difficult job, if you do not have the quality, budgets, manager, publicity and music producer that connect with those who could consume the type of music you are…
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My spotify playlist – The best songs of the Latin trap

  Trap music within the Latino community is being carried out in the public’s preference at this time. The Latin trap now has better singers, rappers, artists, music producers, but especially the new songs have quality. In this Latin trap playlist I am trying to collect what I think are the best songs. It is…
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Are you listening to the music you like or the one that is popular in streaming services?

Right now every consumer can use many digital platforms to listen to music, especially when we talk about those that offer music streaming services, which can influence the type of music you listen to. It is possible that sometimes you have noticed that you are listening to a song which was recommended by a particular…
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Why is it not worth spending your money buying or downloading music right now?

No one can doubt that the way people listen to music has changed in the last ten years and more when you discover that at this moment there are very few people who buy or download music to their smartphone or tablet, product of the enormous popularity of The digital platforms that are currently playing…
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