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Why is Nicki Minaj the most influential and popular rapper in hip-hop / rap right now?

  No one can doubt that Nicki Minaj, a beautiful and talented black woman born in Trinidad and Tobago, is a female rapper who is influencing the world of Hip-hop / rap culture, and all the successes in each of the songs at the top of billboard chart. These successes as a rapper tell millions…
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Why is Cardi B the most popular Latin rapper in America right now?

  It is a question that many ask and more when you look at the career of Cardi B and the enormous popularity of the artist of Dominican origin born in Manhattan in the city of New York with other American rap artist such as nicki minaj. Everything will say that it is a matter…
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How do you know if soul music is for you right now?

If you are one of the people who like any type of soul music and you are between 18 or 32 years old, it is possible that you have listened to some kind of soul music, especially when we talk about gospel music, rhythm and blues and jazz. . If you are looking for a…
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How is the coronavirus pandemics affecting the music business right now?

Right now, as a result of the global pandemic produced by the Covid-19, the economies of all nations, especially music business are practically at a standstill and the music business is not the exception. If you are an artist, music producer, composer, musician, manager and promoter of concerts, you are suffering a huge loss in…
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