Are you listening to the music you like or the one that is popular in streaming services?

Are you listening to the music you like or the one that is popular in streaming services?

Right now every consumer can use many digital platforms to listen to music, especially when we talk about those that offer music streaming services, which can influence the type of music you listen to. It is possible that sometimes you have noticed that you are listening to a song which was recommended by a particular streaming service, although you prefer to listen to a particular type of music or artist.

It is also possible sometimes you listen to the song of some artists, either Rnb or Hip Hop songs, when you only listen to pop music, just because it is considered or recommended as the track that is currently trending. Type of song which is often marketed by the streaming service (Tidal, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, and iHeartRadio) as a way to make money with the paid advertising of that song to a greater number of public that uses that platform.

On that side, as a user you should not be surprised to hear songs that are not to your liking, because it is a way of these streaming services to make money through the promotion paid by the artists who are trying to publicize that song. Remember, all music streaming services are business, that makes money for the monthly payment you pay, but also through the ads produced by those artists who want to promote a song or album on that digital platform that has millions of listeners. Believe me what I tell you! If your streaming service is free, advertising promotion is much worse.

One of the ways you can have much more control over the type of music you really want to hear is by creating your own playlists in a digital music platform. With a playlist, apart from listening to the genre of music or artists you like, you can limit the interruption when you suddenly hear a song that is not part of your library or was included in your playlists.

Of course this is only possible, if you are users that pay each month for the service. But, if you have a free account, good luck, despite creating your own playlists, expect to hear songs and ads in the middle of your playlists. Do not be surprised if you are listening to a song that is popular, even if it is not to your liking.

Even if you don’t believe it, there are also those fans who only listen to a song because someone told him or her that it was the kind of song that was in trend according to those who follow the music market according to the opinion of a radio station or Music DJ, amount of streaming, purchase and download of a track.

What kind of fan are you? Do you like a song because it is popular or because you like that track? The answers will tell you why you really like a song or you are influenced by the trend of the moment motivated by the commercials of a commercial campaign.

As a consumer we are all tempted by what the “public” are saying and more when many say that this song is number one according to the numbers, and many of us end up incorporating them into a playlist because we want to be part of the trend of the moment, although in some cases we really don’t like that song. It is a silly way to pretend or show that we are part of everything that is in trend at the moment and as a music lover you are not the exception.

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