Why you should know about us?

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Let's talk about us, what we do, how we think and what our expectations are?

In this this place a group of dedicated people work to create the strategies to overcome many of the challenges that some unknown or not established artists are facing right now.

Maybe that’s why I believe that knowing about us is important for artists, fans, music producers, music bands, musician, songwriters and composers who face one of the great challenges that the music business has now. 

Everything we do here is not about us, it is about the thousands of unknown artists who are trying to conquer the music industry and the hearts of millions of fans who like a particular artist, but have not had a chance until now to show their talent to a much wider audience.

Why should you know about us? It is one of the questions that you ask yourself, if it is the first time you visit this blog, which is completely dedicated to the promotion of unknown artists. The biggest and most famous blogs in the world of music usually only promote or talk about renowned singers, because those singers already have a million fans who follow them.

It is possible that the title “let’s talk about us” caught your attention and more in a time where there are many upcoming artists that nobody knows, especially when we talk about Claude Ocean, Nadia Kassidy, Egonard among many more that we are trying to make known on this blog.

The millions of fans of any genre of music, usually turn their attention to those famous names that we all know as and more in time where streaming services use thousands of playlists to promote the new songs of the most recognized singers and rappers like Taylor Swift, Drake, The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, Pop Smoke, post malone, bad bunny.

Music Lovers

The sound of good music makes everyone happy

Music Industry Important for Upcoming or Established Artists in about us page

"Something you need to be sure about it. Never expect digital streaming businesses to promote your music".

You can have your music on the best music streaming platform as a market strategy to reach millions of fans by offering your music on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Tidal and Deezer, but the popularity of these music streaming platforms is no guarantee, if you do not know how to promote your music ..

No matter how much your sacrifice is as a musician, your talent is something that should never be hidden

Upcoming artists who are trying to show their fans all the talented they have, but don’t have the resources or the tools to make it a reality. It’s like they don’t exist.

Market strategies are necessary as a way to keep your fans informed about new projects, what is happening in the world of music, especially about your career, about your new projects, what is happening with your music.

Places like this are important to guarantee the success of those artists that nobody knows in their desire to make their music known to millions of people, if they have the talent, the persistence, the resources and the strategies to achieve success.

But also a more direct way of being in contact with his fans.  As the majority of independent artists needs the support of that public who is not afraid to listen to new music and give them the opportunity of those new artists in a world as difficult as the music business.

As artists we all want to be recognized by those who know our talent and enjoy each of our performances.

The best way to succeed as an artist is knowing the music business

In this blog you will find apart from all the artistic activities associated  a your  artistic career, the creation and production process of all the tracks that you can find in his latest album, but above all the new productions that will be released to the market in the future.

You can also have access to all the digital platforms that distribute, sell, download and stream music for the millions of fans who are users through apps on their smartphone or tablet.

You can have your music on the best music streaming platform as a market strategy to reach millions of fans by offering your music on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Tidal and Deezer.

The popularity of these music streaming platforms is not. It is a guarantee of nothing, if you do not know how to promote your music ..

Promotion as the first step to success

Right now social media is the place in the Internet where millions of people look for everything related to the world of music. 

In this blog  will try to inform their fans what is happening with their best artists, which song is in trend, but above all what are the places where you can listen to the best music. 

Whether or not you are a upcoming music fan in this blog you will always be informed about news, activities, events and the release of new songs or albums in the world of music.

When you are an upcoming artist, an artist entering the music business for the first time, it does not matter what music genre we are, when it comes to choosing which online music store or which music streaming services is best for you. music style and the market you want to reach. 

Overcoming many challenges

One of the great challenges for any artist entering the music business as a singer, performer, music producer, songwriter, musician, and rapper is the high cost of promoting the product he is trying to sell.

Music distribution platforms such as LANDR, CD Baby, TuneCore, Ditto Music among others are just a place where your songs or albums are deposited for millions of fans to buy, listen to or download.

Something that new artists should understand. None of this music distribution company promote your songs, as an artist that is your job. This is where having a promotional strategy is important. .

This choice may be difficult when you do not have the correct tools or support staff, but it is not impossible